Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Truth about Sunscreen & Sunblock + MY HOLY-GRAIL SUNSCREEN! (Biore UV Face Milk Review)

In sunny Singapore, each of us know of AT LEAST one friend who loves to suntan. And more often than not, these friends do not bring along a sunscreen or sunblock with them as they strongly believe the application will prevent them from getting their desired tan after an hour or more of suntanning at Sentosa. Even if they do apply something, it will be the Banana Boat tanning oil which usually only contains SPF 4+/- (I don't even know what kind of protection - if any at all - SPF 4 will provide; probably just to prevent a little sunburn).

Believe it or not, despite my fair skin hahahaha, I was once that "friend"! There was a certain sense of satisfaction whenever I left Sentosa with a sunburnt skin; it would feel like my hour(s) of suntanning had not gone to waste. Likewise, whenever the sun was not at its hottest, I would not get a sunburn and I would feel rather disappointed. This carried on for a few months (back when I was a Year 1-2 polytechnic student), until I got tired because my skin lightened up pretty quickly and my tan would only last for a few days; which I am thankful for, in retrospect.

Talk about the damage I ever willingly did to my skin.