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Dare to be FLAWLESS: April Bellabox 2015 | UNBOXING & REVIEW

“You wake up, flawless
Post up, flawless
Ridin' round in it, flawless
Flossin' on that, flawless
This diamond, flawless
My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless
My rock, flawless
I woke up like this
I woke up like this
We flawless, ladies tell 'em”

- Flawless by Beyonce

Now that we have Beyonce's song as our inspiration, let us beauty enthusiasts be a step closer to flawlessness! With haircare, nail care, skincare and even skin-loving makeup, I would say the April bellabox is pretty much an all-rounder. I'm quite excited to calculate the value of this box (I love maths so I can't help it lol) so let's get to the individual items and price calculations!

1. Dr. G Aquasis Water Soothing Gel Cream, 20ml (S$43 / 50ml)
Value: S$17.20 / 20ml

Description by bellabox:
"A moisture gel cream to calm and soothe skin, it is clinically tested to lock in moisture for as long as 48 hours. Formulated with a unique Aqua Soothing Water™ and Aqua Soothing Solution System™ technology, its light texture leaves a cooling effect to readjust skin temperature to a healthy and normal level."

My thoughts:
I've always been curious about Dr. G but I just never got around to trying their stuff out... Now I can! 20ml is quite a deluxe size too, considering their retail size is 50ml. This sample also comes in sturdy glass (I think?) packaging that makes it the most luxurious-looking product in this bellabox; it even smells luxurious! With our humid weather, especially so for the past week, it's nice to know that this moisturiser has a cooling effect. Most of all, I'm sure my oily, dehydrated skin will thank the gel-like and lightweight texture.

2. Kerasal Nail, 10ml (S$29.90 / 10ml)
Value: S$29.90 / 10ml

Description by bellabox:
"A clear, colourless non-sterile topical solution to help restore the appearance of discoloured, brittle and unpleasant-looking nails. Packed in a plastic tube with a silicone drop tip, it conveniently releases the solution on a targeted area for easy application."
My thoughts:
When I first saw this product in the box, God knows how happy I felt! The 3 points stated in the front packaging of this product totally describe my toe nails. As sad as this may sound, I can't deny the fact that my toe nails are "discoloured" and "unpleasant-looking" ever since they got slammed by a heavy box. It's not that I haven't done anything about them though; I once used a nail treatment product (of another brand) and they got better. But because I never got around to buying it again, having this particular product in my April bellabox really motivates me to be more diligent and start doing something to improve my toe nails' condition again!

3. The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell SPF50+ PA+++, 2g (S$38.90 / 15g)
Value: S$5.19 / 2g

Description by bellabox:
"The world's first cushion screen cell foundation, it features an exclusively patented 0.028mm Screen Cell™ that filters out the foundation product to maximise skin adherence for flawless, natural coverage. Packed with 5 benefits in 1 compact, this lightweight foundation conceals, brightens, protects, minimises wrinkles and hydrates. For radiant-looking skin that is healthy - and beautiful."
5% discount coupon included in the bellabox

My thoughts:
I have no idea what the first sentence of the description actually means LOL. Screen cell? 0.028mm?… With that said, I am very curious and cannot wait to try this "world's first cushion screen cell foundation" out! My only concern is that with the high SPF content, this foundation may not be photo-friendly. But of course, the good thing is that you can totally skip your sunscreen, so it's perfect for lazy days.

4. (Bonus Product) VDL Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence, 2ml* (S$88 / 50ml)
 Value: S$3.52 / 2ml*
*Product net weight not stated; 2ml is estimated

Description by bellabox:
"This anti-oxidant ampoule essence is packed with highly concentrated Centella Asiatica for extraordinary anti-aging benefits. It works to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve skin conditions."

My thoughts:
What an interesting name. This product claims (as per the flyer) to be able to penetrate into the deeper skin layer so this is quite intriguing to yours truly, a self-proclaimed skincare enthusiast hehe. I'm usually not a fan of such small samples, but because VDL advises you to apply this before putting on their primer (another product included in this bellabox), I will definitely be testing this out.

5. VDL Lumilayer Primer, 8ml (S$36 / 30ml)
Value: S$9.60 / 8ml

Description by bellabox:
"A primer that preps your skin while enhancing the staying power of base makeup with brightening and radiance effect. Its violet-pigmented formulation produces a set of gorgeous 3-dimensional skin."

My thoughts:
I actually have a sample of this as well and I would say I do enjoy using this primer whenever I want that little extra bit of glow to my skin! Even though it states that it's "violet-pigmented", the colour of this primer is only subtly violet. Purple concealers and primers are perfect for correcting dull or unwanted yellow complexions, so the subtle violet does help bring a slight glow to my dull skin. I'm more than happy to have a back-up sample of this now!

Extra: 10% discount on any item from VDL's Base Makeup Collection when you present this flyer (included in the bellabox)

6. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Beauty Balm, 30ml (S$24 / 150ml)
Value: S$4. 80 / 30ml
Description by bellabox: "A hair beautifying cream protector for normal to dry hair, it is equipped with the brand's exclusively patented Cell Perfector Technology to enrich hair health, enhance shine and relieves for hair at its prime."

7. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream, 30ml (S$24 / 125ml)
Value: S$5.76 / 30ml
Description by bellabox: "Tame frizzy, rebellious hair with this smoothing hair cream for up to 4 days. It effectively nourishes and delivers impressive heat protection against heat styling, allowing your hair to become noticeably manageable and much easier to brush."

My thoughts on both products:
I love how both products are leave-ons because I don't think any girl can say that their hair is perfect and does not require any extra fix. In a way, I am blessed with straight and shiny-ish hair, but my manes require maintenance and are dry even though they don't look like it. I personally have my favourite hair oil from Organix, but these 2 products are good ones to try. Because of my hair type, I won't be sure about the "tame frizzy, rebellious hair" claim for the Smoothing Cream - even "up to 4 days" seems a bit exaggerating. I also don't use any heat-styling product, not even a hairdryer. BUT who knows, this may just be the cure for you girls (and boys) with frizzy hair! I am definitely more excited to try out the Beauty Balm; sign me up for any haircare that claims to "enhance shine"!

Total Value

Every bellabox is priced at a flat rate of S$19.95 with free delivery. With that said, this particular April bellabox that I've received is worth a total of S$75.97 (!!!).

My Final Thoughts

For the monetary value and range of products targeting different parts of the body, I definitely think this box is a total steal! Unfortunately, their April bellaboxes are all sold out. Hence, a big thank you to the bellabox team for sending this beauty box my way! :)

P.S. 7, 5 and 9 are my favourite numbers hehehe.


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