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Le Spa, a sanctuary to derive joy | REVIEW

I have been wanting to go for a body massage since February, no kidding. Maybe it's because of all the time I've spent on my laptop, but my shoulders and lower back have been feeling extremely strained. Then one day in March, it's like God decided to send me a sweet surprise via e-mail when Le Spa contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their body massage. I have to admit though, I didn't agree immediately because I was afraid it was some dodgy company LOL. Plus, I've never heard of "Chun Tin Road" so even the road name sounded dodgy to me hahahaha. BUT, my mind changed when I checked out their website and realised this company seemed very promising! Bonus points for finding out that Chun Tin Road is actually located at Bukit Timah (opposite Beauty World Centre) and that's kinda near for me! *gleeful*

The first and last time I did a full body massage was almost exactly a year back, so boy was my anticipation real!
Yes, 24 hours - how awesome is this especially if you live nearby??
No excuse not to pamper yourself even with a busy schedule!

Stairway to heaven Le Spa
Love the ancient feel!
Tell me it looks like another world, because I sure felt like I was being transported to China the moment I climbed up the stairs and entered Le Spa. The smell of lemongrass instantly hit my nostrils and made me think I was in Indonesia / Thailand as well - can I be in all 3 countries at once?

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who willingly explained to me the different types of massages at Le Spa. I had to choose whether I wanted Le Urban Fusion (strongest pressure), Le Royal Balinese (medium pressure using the thumbs), or Le Classic Swedish Retreats (lightest pressure using palms). I went for 90 minutes of Le Royal Balinese, which was the most popular choice at Le Spa.

I purposely chose an off-peak day and timing (Tuesday 4 P.M.), but I still had to wait for awhile because the rooms were full. It made me think that there were only a couple rooms, but I later found out - while walking in when it was my turn - that there were quite a number of rooms! You rarely go wrong with a company that has good business. In fact, before me was a Caucasian man, and he came out looking blissful, thanking the masseuse for a job well done.

At the waiting area, the "China feel" kinda went away and I then felt like I was in an Indonesian resort instead - smooth wooden floor, pebbles (lots and lots of pebbles), lighted candles… I definitely appreciate the small but necessary details to make one feel like he/she is in a "sanctuary". After all, Le Spa describes itself as "a sanctuary to derive joy".
The calming view at the waiting area

Since I had to wait and knowing that the massage would be 90 minutes, I thought I should visit the washroom first. I don't know about you, but the design and cleanliness of a restaurant's / cafe's / spa's washroom is important to me. The interior can look splendid, but if the design and/or cleanliness of the washroom cannot make it, I immediately minus a lot of points in my head.

Having said that, here's their washroom for you.
Erm, +100 points please! From China to Indonesia to modern Singapore (and even to Thailand with the lemongrass scent), Le Spa sure knows how to transport their customers to different places huh!
The "China feel" came back while walking to the room haha
Now back to the "Indonesian feel"!

Upon entering the room, I was told to change into the disposable underwear provided - that was quite thoughtful to me! The one I went to last year didn't provide with one.

I wish I have a photo of my masseuse, named Jiji, because she was so good!  She unfortunately doesn't like to take photos thinking she doesn't look good on camera, but she was pleasant-looking and very attentive. Because I didn't have my own hair tie, she got me to lie down and tied my hair for me; I swear I felt like a little girl again. I also wanted a photo with her because only a few people have seen me naked and she has become one of them LOL…… Reason is because about 15 minutes into the massage, I felt a bit uncomfortable at my chest area and was fidgeting slightly. She realised it even though I didn't say anything, so she took another towel and initiated to lay it flat on the bed so as to make it more comfortable for me. I didn't expect her to ask me to stand up without any towel though, so yup, I was standing there naked (except with the disposable underwear on) - feeling awkward and vulnerable and giggling away - while she neatly laid the towel down. I'm making a slight fuss about this but she has probably seen countless of naked bodies so it meant nothing to her hahahahaha. She was very calm and even told me, "啊,没事", which means "don't worry" in Chinese.

In all honesty, I initially thought 90 minutes was quite long for a massage, but I clearly haven't gone for enough massages because an hour flew by even before I knew it! My masseuse was really strong and I had to grit my teeth several times while she did her thing with utmost professionalism, so I thought time would pass very slowly. But when I realised it was already an hour (I knew because she took a warm towel to wipe the massage oil off my body so I could turn around), I felt a little bit sad because I definitely didn't want the massage to end!

There was still half an hour left, so Jiji asked if I wanted a leg or head massage. I chose leg because I thought if I had wanted a head massage, she would put oil on my head and I didn't want that. While she was massaging my legs, I casually asked if there was oil involved had I chosen a head massage, and she said "No. Oh! You thought I'd use oil, so you didn't want a head massage?". I replied, "Yes. Now I wish you'd massage my head instead!" And being the awesome lady that she is, she extended my timing for another 5 minutes just to massage my head - without any charge. Talk about great customer service.
Happy me feeling achy but lightweight post-massage!
A warm cup of 参茶 (pronounced "shen cha" - spicy but sweet tea) was waiting for me when I entered the lobby again

$ Price $
Pretty standard prices for a full body massage in Singapore - not to forget Le Spa opens 24 hours, 7 days a week

Buy or Bye? | My Verdict
I think it is pretty obvious that my experience with Le Spa was undoubtedly a pleasant one. For the relaxing environment, how it transports me to different places, the attentive masseuse who's clearly professional at what she does (hands down even better than my masseuse in Indonesia, for real), the reasonable prices, the convenient location (at least for me hehehe, but they have another outlet near Raffles!), Le Spa's massages are a definite BUY - or to-try in this case - for me. I'm not even saying this just because they contacted me, because I'll be more than happy to go back for the second time and pay with my own money. PLUS, why won't I with their ongoing promotion of $38 for 45 minutes?! I hope this isn't for first-time customers only!!!

Stairway to reality :(
It honestly felt that way to me...

Thank you for having me, Le Spa!


Le Spa is located at:

16A Chun Tin Road Singapore 599603 (Tel: +65 6222 6805)
14 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069253 (Tel: +65 6222 6803)

Facebook: Le Spa Singapore
Instagram: @lele_lespa

Disclaimer: I was invited by Le Spa Singapore to review the above service. Thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and based on my personal experience.
I am not affiliated with nor compensated by the company.

With love,

Jolynn Lim
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