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Unlock the Korean secret to dewy, radiant skin: DCS AQUADERM range

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I just have to start this post off with a picture of the creative DIY press kit!!

Well-received in its home country, Korean skincare brand DCS Cosmetic  (DCS stands for "Dermatology Cosmeceutical Solution") makes its mark in Singapore with its hydrating range - AQUADERM. The key ingredient prominent in every DCS product is the volcanic seawater all the way from Jeju island!

About DCS
DCS specially infuses each one of its products with Jeju's mineral-rich volcanic sea water, making it possible to tap into the volcano's rejuvenating power for healthier glowing skin. DCS has 5 ranges, from hydrating to anti-ageing, ensuring that every skin need is catered for. In line with their cruelty-free business philosophy, all products from DCS are not tested on animals (thank you, DCS!). They are also paraben-free.

3 out of the 5 ranges by DCS - AQUADERM, NUTRIDERM, POREDERM - all of which contains Jeju volcanic seawater

Jeju island, located in South Korea, is renowned for being one of the top 7 natural wonders in the world. Besides being a scenic location, this fertile island lies a hidden pocket of nutrient-rich volcanic seawater, which is highly valued for its rare mineral content such as selenium, zinc and iron - all proven beneficial for our skin. A little more about these minerals:
  • Selenium - An antioxidant mineral responsible for tissue elasticity and cell damage prevention
  • Zinc - Alleviates the damage caused by acne and reduces excessive sebum production (one of my favourite ingredients for my oily, blemished skin!)
  • Iron - Improves the skin's ability to repair and regenerate, thus achieving smooth, wrinkle-free skin

"Watery-light" dewy skin, or mul-kwang-pi-bu in Korean, has been a favourite trend amongst Korean celebrities for years now, and I'm sure this is of no surprise to us all! DCS' skin-loving formula transforms dull, rough skin to healthy, glowing skin which Korean women have been managing to achieve.

Do You Know?
One of Korea's top beauty YouTubers, Lamuqe (well-liked and trusted by Korean audiences for her cheery and informative videos on skincare and makeup), personally recommended DCS after testing the brand out on Korea's popular beauty variety show "After School Beauty Bible".

But, isn't AQUADERM a hydrating range? Does the seawater hydrate too?

The star ingredient in every DCS AQUADERM product responsible for improving skin hydration is the agave cactus extract.

Agave cactus has the remarkable ability to retain almost 100% of its moisture despite the most extreme desert conditions. Likewise, the extract has excellent water storage ability as a humectant, strengthening our skin's moisture barrier and restoring vitality to even the driest of skins!

All DCS AQUADERM products are also green tea-scented. Hola, green tea lovers!

Introducing the DCS AQUADERM range:

(Cleansing Water, Cleanser, Toner, Ampoule, Day Cream, Night Cream)

DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Cleansing Water, S$30.50 / 150ml
- Removes makeup and skin waste without tightening the skin
- Leaves the skin clean and moist

Bonus: This smells lovely!

DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Foam Cleanser, S$30.50 / 150ml
- Keeps the skin feeling moisturised, even after cleansing, with no tightness
- Deeply cleanses the pores with fine foam particles
- Safe for those with sensitive skin

DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Toner, S$33.50 / 150ml
- Restores the moisture balance in stressed, sensitive skin
- Non-sticky formula
- Quickly and easily absorbed
- Soothes tired skin
- Has whitening and anti-wrinkling benefits

(star product) DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Ampoule, S$53 / 30ml
- Comes with sodium hyaluronate, which has moisturising content 6000 times its own weight
- Builds up resilience and moisture
- Protects the skin from external stimulation by forming a thin and transparent film on the skin's surface

FYI: If you're not sure what ampoules are, they contain the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients, followed by the serum and essence. Ampoules are generally for people who need an instant skin care effect (usually age 25 onwards).

DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Day Cream, S$41 / 50ml
- Provides rich moisture and nutrition from additional lavender and pansy extracts
- Protects skin from external elements
- Comes with an additional UV blocking function (SPF20/PA+)
- Soothes and brightens stressed skin quickly

DCS AQUADERM Super Aqua Night Cream, S$41 / 50ml
- After a long, hard day, the skin becomes hypersensitive due to the exposure to external stress. On top of the agave extract, three vegetable extracts (lavender, cornflower and pansy) restore the skin to a healthy state
- Keeps the skin moisturised until the next morning
- Its whitening and anti-wrinkling effect brightens up the face for the next day

A group shot with these lovely ladies who were also there for the launch event!


DCS is available for sale at selected Watsons stores:

West -
Bukit Panjang Plaza, Jem, West Gate, West Mall

Central -
Bugis Junction, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Square, Raffles City, Suntec City

South -
Vivo City

East -
Bedok Mall, Parkway Parade

North / Northeast -
Causeway Point, Hougang Mall, Northpoint, Toa Payoh, Nex

Facebook: DCS (Singapore)

Disclaimer: This post is a reproduction of the press release received and is for sharing / informational purposes only. Products shown are press samples kindly gifted by Media Flair Communications (representing DCS Cosmetic).

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