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Prep yourself for sunny days ahead: My must-haves for hot days + NEW Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel REVIEW

Not protecting your skin with sunscreen when you don't wanna get hyper-pigmentation is like not wearing a condom when you don't wanna have kids.

...I'm sorry, this is the only scenario I can think of xD

How many of you are guilty of neglecting your sunscreen? Or worse still, how many of you do not actually own a sunscreen?

The negative and permanent effects of the harmful UV rays (sun spots, hyper-pigmentation, premature skin aging, skin cancer) only show on your skin years down the road. As quoted from ScienceLearning, "though a tan may look good now, you could be paying for it with wrinkly leathery skin or skin cancer later".

Singapore has been extremely hot and humid recently, so today I decided to share with you guys some of my favourite products to use during this scorching period!

1. A cooling cleanser that is perfect for mornings
Here I have The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash which is one of the best morning cleansers I've ever used to date. The creamy texture makes this cleanser gentle and non-drying on the skin (yet effective in taking away all the gunk accumulated on my skin during sleep), and the cooling effect makes it such a great wake-me-up product! When the weather is so humid, any "coolness" is much appreciated.

2. Lip balm with SPF
I apply my lip balm at the start of my skincare regime so that it has time to get absorbed into my lips, thus getting my lips ready for lipstick application by the time I'm ready for makeup. The Banana Boat Suncreen Lip Balm is almost perfect - high SPF (50), affordable, and doesn't make your lips feel dry and weird like some lip balms do. I say "almost perfect" because the score of this baby will be 10/10 in my books if it comes in a tinted version! Nonetheless, this lip balm is a must-have in anyone's lip balm stash, in my opinion.

3. An anti-oxidant serum/moisturiser with oil-control properties
Vitamin C products are usually only recommended for nighttime usage because the vitamin gets oxidised in contact with the sun. However, this particular serum-cum-moisturiser (Dermagold Miracle C+) contains Vitamin C ester, which is a stabilised form of Vitamin C unlike the typical ascorbic acid used in many other Vitamin C products. To put it simply, the Dermagold Miracle C+ is ideal for both daytime and nighttime usage. Despite its high percentage of Vitamin C (it contains 18%, which is one of the highest in the commercial market), it's even gentle enough to be used around the eyes! On lazy / busy mornings, this is the only skincare product I use - apart from sunscreen - and I personally find it hydrating enough. I also really like to use this product in the day because it helps in oil control. My oily skin shouts, "Yay!".

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4.  Sunscreen with SPF 50 and at least a PA +++

A 2014 Benchmark Survey commissioned by Kao Singapore (parent company of Bioré) revealed a surprising find: Only 30% of women between age 12 and 49 use a sunscreen daily. What's even more startling is that this percentage has remained unchanged for the past 5 years (Kao Singapore has survey findings from 2010-2014) even with the introduction of more sun care products over the recent few years. In a summer-all-year-round country such as Singapore, especially with the recent humidity, this is indeed a worrying trend.

For a start, Bioré has introduced its complete range of new and enhanced sunscreen products, offering the highest level of UV protection recognised in the industry – SPF50+ and PA++++ rating (previously PA+++). Bioré’s enhanced UV Series is your perfect shield against skin woes that could be easily prevented, like sun spots, wrinkles and freckles caused by damaging UV rays.

Along with this improvement, Bioré has launched its newest addition to the range:
Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel.

Thanks to Bioré’s unique Aqua Rich technology, it comes in the same light and watery texture of Bioré’s popular UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, loved by women for its cool and refreshing feel upon application.

Product Benefits

- Superior double UV block with enhanced SPF50+/PA++++
- Maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun
- Retains its light and watery texture that allows smooth application without a sticky feel
- Infused with hyaluronic acid and citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh
- Suitable for application on face and body


My Thoughts

You guys should know that I'm the biggest fan of Bioré's UV Perfect Bright Face Milk, so how does this UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel compare? Now, because I have oily skin, I'm gonna have to stick to my holygrail product - the UV Perfect Bright Face Milk. In my opinion, I think the UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel is better suited for people with normal to dry skin. I do love the watery consistency, slight citrusy scent (extracts of orange, grapefruit and lemon) to perk up tired mornings, as well as the slight cooling effect. Unfortunately, because my skin is generally very oily, I realised it made my face feel a bit sticky and greasy after a few hours. On the plus side, it will be great for body application since the watery texture and cooling effect make it easy to apply and shiok (a.k.a refreshing) on the body!

Price & Availability

The Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel retails for S$18.90 / 90ml and is available for purchase at all leading pharmacies, super & hyper markets, departmental stores, beauty stores and selected minimarts.


Disclaimer: The Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel was sent by The Sample Store (representinBioré Singapore) for review. I purchased the rest of the products mentioned in this post myself. This post does contain information from the brand (Kao Singapore) itself, but thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am not affiliated with nor compensated by the company.

With love,

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