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Take care of your scalp with TrichoKare | REVIEW

Don't focus on your mane; focus on your scalp.

Just like how flawless makeup begins with a good canvas (a.k.a good skin), a bed of healthy hair starts with owning a healthy scalp.

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Now, let's get back to the topic of scalp, shall we? :)

Among all existing hair problems, hair loss is probably the no. 1 hair concern for both men and women. Let's face it: Singapore is a fast-paced and competitive country. This means that most of us are leading a stressful lifestyle, and such a lifestyle can easily bring about stress-induced hair loss. TK TrichoKare, the first SIO 9001 certified Trichological Centre that provides customised European Herbal Hair Remedies, conducted a study with 100 existing TK TrichoKare customers and found out that 90% females have significantly thinning hair, while over 50% of men in general (not just their customers) have Male Pattern Hair Loss - all parts of the head, save for the sides and back, are totally bald - by age 50.

While I have always received compliments for having smooth / rebonded-like hair since young (thank you, mommy!), I never fail to rebut that my hair is very fine and flat. However, as the years go by, I find myself wanting to add that I've also been dropping more and more hair :( This is the main reason why I readily agreed to try out TK TrichoKare, so off I went to their newest outlet at Orchard Gateway!

Now, if you know me personally (or have read my #20FactsAboutMe on Instagram), you will be aware of my love for European-themed homes and furniture. I knew that TK TrichoKare provides European remedies, but I surely did not expect to be greeted by this sight:
European-themed wallpapers and chairs? I was 90% sold already! The whole place (which is very big, in my opinion) is filled with elegant wallpapers - you'll see as you scroll along!
One of TK TrichoKare's consultation rooms
As the hair specialists at the reception told me to take a seat in the consultation room, one of them named Joelle instinctively went to pour me a cup of hot green tea.
After a couple of minutes, Joelle came right back in and proceeded to do what TK TrichoKare calls a Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis, whereby she used a machine to scan and zoom in on my scalp in order to give me a detailed scalp diagnosis.

Here is how my scalp looked like before the TK TrichoKare treatment:
Each hair pore should contain 2-3 hair strands in general, but you can see a couple of hair pores with only 1 strand. You can also see that a number of my pores were clogged with oil and dirt - it will be more noticeable once I show you a before-and-after comparison later. Did I mention that I had only just washed my hair a few hours prior to this hair scan? I was honestly expecting to see a clean scalp... Imagine my O.O face when I saw this!
Joelle proceeded to do 3 more scans on different parts of my head, after which she sat down and nicely explained my scalp condition to me, as well as diagnose a customised treatment for my scalp. As a curious cat, I asked her a lot of questions regarding hair and scalp, and she patiently answered them to the best of her knowledge.
Once the consultation was done, I was being led to the treatment area!
I literally felt like I was there for housewarming instead, not for treatment!
Another one of their consultation rooms - different wallpaper but same European theme
While walking in, I also noticed a few award certificates that TK TrichoKare has accumulated! Here's one:
Then I reached the treatment area!
One part of the treatment area, where I was seated
Joelle refilled my green tea and served it to me the moment I sat down. Plus, notice the four-letter word...?
...WIFI! :)
There is also a decent selection of magazines for your reading pleasure while you indulge in TK TrichoKare's super-relaxing scalp treatment (think several massages!!!).
With complimentary internet and a magazine on hand, it was time to start my 3-step Customized Treatment Programme.

Step 1: Regulate (with TK TrichoKare Scalp Rebalancing Essence)
  • Aims to set the scalp right as the treatment at this stage adjusts the scalp to a neutral state so as to correspond well with the next step
  • Removes impurities while regulating the scalp's sebum production
  • Relaxes stressed scalps
TK TrichoKare Scalp Rebalancing Essence
Suitable for all scalp conditions, this essence soothes, stimulates, moisturises and cleanses the scalp. After applying this to my scalp, Joelle did a detailed head massage for me, focusing on the acupuncture points of my head. The massage lover in me was thrilled!!
About 5 minutes later, I had to let the essence sit on my scalp for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, it was time to wash the essence off!
More head massage! Ahh...
Joelle then told me she had to attend to another customer, so En En took over! Before moving on with Step 2 of my Customized Treatment Programme, En En placed a warm shoulder pad over my shoulders and gave me a shoulder massage... Haven't I already "warned" you about getting several massages? :D

Step 2: Strengthen (with TK TrichoKare hair tonic)
  • Stimulates the hair roots' metabolism
  • Helps improve the blood circulation of the scalp
  • Increases oxygen flow to the hair follicles
  • Repairs damaged and dormant hair follicles
  • Supplies nutrients to the hair bulb and penetrates the hair cuticles for added protection to the hair shaft
En En applied the TK TrichoKare hair tonic on my scalp, followed my round 3 of scalp massage hehehehe.
I closed my sleepy eyes and enjoyed the massage right after this picture was snapped!
En En then proceeded to give my hair a full blow-dry while I continued to close my eyes and daydream.
Once my hair was dried, she finished off with Step 3 (a.k.a the last step)!

Step 3: Density (with infra-red light therapy)
  • Encourages cellular activity and cells' acceleration to promote hair growth
  • Enriched with concentrated extracts that are rich in minerals and active nutrients to activate hair follicles
  • Deep penetration of nutrients (from the tonic) to the scalp and invigorates hair follicles
  • Restores hair elasticity and shine
  • Helps to maintain the youth and firmness of the scalp's skin for exceptional suppleness
I had just re-watched Spiderman 2 the day before, so I immediately thought of Doctor Octopus when I saw this machine! Therefore the big smile heh
About 10 minutes for this machine, and voila! My scalp treatment was finally completed.
The whole treatment took about 90 minutes including 2 consultations (before and after treatment).

Before and After
With a before-and-after comparison, it is very obvious how much cleaner my scalp was after the treatment! Can you spot a couple of baby hair too???
Joelle, me and En En! I was coughing really badly, and Joelle kindly gave me a sweet! Hence my "swollen" left cheek because I stuffed the sweet in there to smile for the camera hahaha

My Final Thoughts
Just thought you should know: When I washed my hair the next day, my hair fall was significantly lesser. Like, two-third lesser than usual. No joke!!! I was so impressed that I simply have to note this down and share this with you. Now, will this scalp treatment really help you to grow back all the hair you lost? It won't be fair for me to put a verdict on this because I have only gone for one session. But do I think this treatment is worth it? YES. Because...
1) My scalp usually gets oily by night time, but this treatment made my scalp stay grease-free till the next afternoon!
2) I saw baby hair!!!
3) I believe in light therapies for the face and hair, so I love that the infra-red machine was incorporated into my scalp treatment.
4) The massages were divineeeee!

You read that right! You get to try out what I did at a (huge) discounted price! *Raises both hands up and wriggle* BUT, you have to read my blog article at to find out more about the sweet promotions hehe :D Go on, click on the link now!
Thank you TrichoKare for allowing me to spend the rest of my day with a clean
and grease-free scalp!


Disclaimer: I have been invited by GetKlarity to try out TK TrichoKare's service for review. This post does contain information from the brand itself, but thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am not affiliated with TK Trichokare, nor am I compensated by both companies.

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