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I got my skin in shape thanks to Skin Shape Club! | Skin Shaper Plus Facial REVIEW

Before the month of August comes to an end, happy 50th birthday to my dearest Singapore! #SG50

This month has been quite a fulfilling one for me. For a start, I finally have my own domain!!! I don't know why this is very exciting for me, but I've never had my own domain. Hello www.mybeautyroad.com, bye bye www.mybeautyroad.blogspot.sg! :D

I thoroughly enjoyed myself with family, relatives and loved ones this month - celebrated a dear friend's birthday and had a stayover playing drinking games and even childhood games, visited USS and sat on the rides at night, went for National Day countdown and caught fireworks, saw Ah Boys To Men perform, went to Marina Barrage for picnic on National Day and caught fireworks again, finally went cafe-hopping at Malaysia, visited the National Orchid Garden and finally saw our national flower as well as Aranda Lee Kuan Yew, .....are you bored of my activities already? I don't always get to hang out with my loved ones (at least not so often in one month), hence August has been especially good to me... :')

Aside from pampering my soul by spending quality time with people I love, I also managed to pamper my skin silly this month!!!

Thanks to Skin Shape Club, my skin was pampered for a grand total of 4 times in a span of 2 weeks.

You might be thinking, "4 facials in 2 weeks??? Are you crazy?"

That's what I thought initially, but that's also where I was proven wrong... at least with regards to the specific treatments I did at Skin Shape Club! I'll be sharing more about what I did in a bit.

About Skin Shape Club
"Regular gentle treatments can better upkeep and improve your skin and body health. It is important to stay in good shape because it reflects your personal grooming and self-confidence. Understanding the importance, Skin Shape Club is founded as a boutique aesthetics medispa to allow its members to learn more about beauty & wellness and conveniently receive doctor-attested skin and slimming treatments that keep you in shape. Our R&D (Research & Development) team works with doctors and dermal experts from overseas and local to design treatments and programs which can be done daily, weekly and monthly. Our aestheticians are professionally-trained and regularly being tested to ensure they provide optimal care during treatment procedures. With Skin Shape Club, Staying In Good Shape Everyday Is Possible!"

Very modernistic, isn't it? The reception area almost looks like the living room of someone's home, and I haven't even gotten to the best part: They also have a Club Lounge room for you to kick back and relax however long you wish to after your treatment! I can't wait to show you pictures of the room in the later part of this post. I honestly felt like I was in a clubhouse instead of an aesthetics salon, and I guess this is exactly how they want customers to feel - like you're in a clubhouse or place of pampering and relaxation whenever you visit Skin Shape Club.

I was invited to try out 4 sessions of their signature Skin Shaper Plus Facial. However, even though the therapists at Skin Shape Club already knew what I was there for, filling in a form that addressed my skin issues was of no exception. The form was very detailed, asking for my top 3 skin concerns and whatnot. I love how they care to understand what customers personally think their skin concerns are, unlike some facial salons whose therapists look directly at your face and determine your skin issues without asking you anything.

Included in the form is a Treatment Recommendation Plan page for Skin Shape Club's therapists to customise and indicate the treatments / products they will be doing / applying according to your skin type and concerns.

After the mandatory skin consultation, it was time to enter their treatment room! 
They even have their signature massage!

Skin Shaper Plus Facial
S$160 per session (60min) / S$1440 for 12 sessions

"Combining light and heat energy with our signature serum-infused facial massage, this treatment offers you younger, healthier-looking skin. The facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using trademark registered LHE technology (Light & Heat Energy) for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance. With this 3-in-1 skincare treatment, you can walk-in walk-out Skin Shape Club looking better and confident. Great for sensitive and Asian skin too! Suitable as a weekly treatment - every 3 to 7 days."

If you have read my TK TrichoKare review, you would know that I strongly believe in light therapies - I once tried a light treatment specifically for acne and it really cleared up my pimples in just one session. I was quite surprised that Skin Shape Club's LHE treatment is an all-in-one solution for skin lifting, skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal AND acne clearance! Typical light treatments (like the Acne Light I mentioned) only target 1 skin concern at a time, and you can only go for 1 session per month. Now, this is where Skin Shape Club's LHE treatment sets apart from other light-based treatments.

Q: How is LHE different from other similar light-based therapies such as IPL and Laser?

Answer from Skin Shape Club:
"IPL has been around since the mid-90's, whereas LHE debuted in the late 90's / early 2000's and is the next generation of light-based therapy. LHE is able to use a lower energy fluency because it utilises 2 energies (heat and light) in 1 instance. Laser operates from 50-200 j/cm2. IPL typically operates from 30-50 j/cm2. Your skin gets burnt at 30 j/cm2. This is why when you go for IPL, cooling gel is applied on your skin. LHE operates from 4-25 j/cm2, which gives you results in a safe way. However, commitment is needed to complete the treatments which usually range from 6 to 12 sessions. The LHE can be performed once every 3-7 days and it is suitable for the eye area and back treatment."

When I found out that Skin Shape Club's LHE treatment is gentle enough to be performed on the eye area, I was beyond thrilled! 9 out of 10 people are concerned with dark eye circles, so nobody will say no to improving the look of their panda eyes!


1. Makeup removal
Even though I just had sunblock on for most of the 4 sessions

2. Gentle cleansing

3. Exfoliation
This is done to remove impurities and dead skin cells for better penetration of the LHE.

4. Light extractions

5. LHE treatment
The LHE applicator was then placed onto my skin, whereby pulses of light was administered. I could feel a warm sensation as the gentle pulses of LHE penetrates deep into the skin.
If you have never done any light therapy before, Skin Shape Club is the perfect place for you discover the wonders of light treatments since their machine's energy fluency is much lower as compared to IPL and Laser! They are even able to adjust the intensity - Low, Medium, and High. (FYI: I had mine done on Medium, and it was definitely bearable.)

6. Face and (upper) back massage
My skin was then ready to absorb Skin Shape Club's skincare serum with the help of their signature facial and upper back massage.
My therapist was Jasmine and I love her firm massage!

7. Masque

After 15 minutes of masque time, accompanied by classical music and being kept warm with a bed-warmer (yes, their bed has a bed-warmer installed in it! *thumbs up*), it was time for the masque to be removed.

8. Skincare
The therapist then applied Skin Shape Club's in-house skincare products on my face.

The end! Time to change my clothes and leave!

...You think?

Remember the Club Lounge I mentioned earlier? Everytime my facial treatment was over, Jasmine would ask me to get changed and proceed there for a light meal.

You read that right, a light meal.

Aesthetics salon or clubhouse or my house ah, this one?? *gleeful*
Happy me with their full-size mirror for customers to do their makeup (if need be)!

Magazines and Skin Shape Club's testimonials for your reading pleasure

For Skin Shape Club's customers!

Apparently, they also provide free WIFI, but I wasn't aware of that until I looked through their website to craft out this blog post. So if you're intending to head there for your treatment(s), be sure to ask for their WIFI ;)

Here comes the light meals provided during my 4 sessions at Skin Shape Club:

All meals were lovingly prepared by the 2 therapists at Skin Shape Club, even the chawanmushi!!!

I wanted to collate these 4 pictures into 1 photo, but then I thought: Each meal deserves its own full glory! I also intentionally captured each meal at different angles of the room.

Another awesome thing to note is throughout my 4 visits, I was left undisturbed in the lounge room, whether or not their slots were filled for the day. I can't stress how important this is for me in order to feel the full pampering and relaxing atmosphere! I had the freedom to savour my food, use my phone, read a magazine, do my makeup, stone... and no one bothered me! It's like time stood still and I was in my own little sanctuary, you know? I LOVE IT.


Beautiful place? Checked. Excellent service? Checked. Results? Let's see.

A thing to keep in mind is that my face is very sensitive and gets really red after extractions. Although Skin Shape Club focuses on light extractions, Jasmine did a painfully thorough one for me on my last session.

Note: All before-and-after photos shown below have not been retouched at all.

Left Profile

Right Profile

It is very apparent that I always left the place with brighter, more radiant skin.

Overall Comparison
(Before 1st session > After 4th session)
Another thing I must clarify is it was that time of the month for me during my last 2 sessions, and I always break out before and during my period. They can get pretty bad sometimes, but I notice that this time, only a couple of new pimples popped out (see right profile). Since the LHE actually helps to control sebum production, it's safe to deduce that my sebum production was indeed very well-controlled by the technology - hence lesser breakouts this time. What's more impressive though, is that my acne scars have significantly lightened (if not completely gone). I have highlighted them in red, blue, yellow and green circles as seen above.

Skin Shape Club was honestly not lying when they told me the LHE can lighten acne marks and help with acne clearance at the same time. I'm officially pretty impressed.

Front Profile
(After 1st session > 2nd session > 3rd session > 4th session)
I am such a huge lipstick person that I rarely ever have my photo taken if I don't have lipstick on. But as you can see, I didn't even bother to apply lipstick before I snapped a photo of myself after my 4th session! It's also the only photo I decided to give a big smile :D

My Final Thoughts

To be completely frank, I do feel that the Skin Shaper Plus Facial is worth every single cent, and I rarely feel this way when it comes to facials and massages... I have to admit I am quite fussy. *covers face*

It's the small yet necessary details that make going to Skin Shape Club such a worthwhile and value-for-money trip. Be reminded that everytime you visit them, you get:

- consistent friendly service
- a bed with an installed bed warmer to keep you cozy throughout your treatment
- an awesome firm massage by the therapist (mine was Jasmine)
- complimentary light meal(s) and drink(s)
- to rest and enjoy your meal in their Club Lounge room
- a truly relaxed vibe whereby the therapists will leave you undisturbed once you're done with your treatment. Again, I cannot stress how much I love and appreciate this. The last thing you want is to feel like the therapists are rushing and want you to leave the place as quickly as you can, which is definitely the case for some salons I know.

You honestly get your money's worth at Skin Shape Club - a.k.a more bang for your buck.


Wanna get even more bang for your buck? Skin Shape Club is currently offering promotions for both their Skin Shaper Facial (30min) and Skin Shaper Plus Facial (60min) a.k.a whatever I went through! Skin Shaper Facial comes without the facial scrub (exfoliation) and massage.

Try their 1 month Skin Shaper Sampler Program at only S$192 (U.P. S$480) for 4 sessions of Skin Shaper Facial; this means you save S$288!

Want to include the facial scrub and a pampering serum-infused facial massage? Simply top up S$64 to upgrade to Skin Shaper Plus Facial (60min) for all 4 sessions. You save S$384 for this one... O.O

Audrey (left) and Jasmine (right), the 2 lovely therapists at Skin Shape Club!

Thank you, Skin Shape Club, for literally getting my skin in (better) shape!


Skin Shape Club is located at 181 Orchard Road #03-13/14 Orchard Central Singapore 238896.

E-mail: enquiry@skinshapeclub.com

Disclaimer: I was invited by SampleStore to try out Skin Shape Club's service for review. While this post contains factual information from the brand itself, thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am neither affiliated with nor compensated by the company.

With love,

Jolynn Lim
My Beauty Road

"Don't forget to love yourself."

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