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40 minutes of heaven with Hadara's Heavenly Acu-Press Massage | REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

Hadara - Hebrew for "glory, beauty, splendour".

When an aesthetics boutique carries such a beautiful Hebrew name, you know you're in for an indulgent treat, one where the most important element there is you.
"The aesthetics boutique, opened in September 2014, is a tranquil space which offers time starved and stressed executives a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of work to pamper themselves in their personal beauty Shangri-La before stepping out all ready to take on an equally buzzing social calendar. The Hadara experience is an embodiment of its meaning – Beauty, Glory, and Splendour in Hebrew – a place where heavenly instant fixes for the face, skin, and body are just around the corner."

Remember my first ever facial? If you have been following my blog since December 2014, you may think Hadara sounds like a familiar name - that's because I've once blogged about this tranquil place when I had the chance to try out their awesome Hadara Power Facial (read here).

To commemorate  Hadara's 1st anniversary this month (blessed 1st birthday, Hadara!!), the team decides to come up with 3 new services that truly focus on the idea of pampering, of which one is called:

Hadara Heavenly Acu-Press Massage
S$88 / 40 minutes

"Experience 40 heavenly minutes of deeply relaxing massage that harnesses east-meets-west techniques, focusing on the pressure points of your face. Apart from draining out toxins, this specialised facial massage helps to improve blood circulation, reduce eye bags, stimulate collagen and promote general well-being."

As the name suggests, the Hadara Heavenly Acu-Press Massage is literally 40 minutes of massage goodness. No fancy schmancy machines or tools are used throughout this facial treatment, but what you get is the therapist's unique strokes and techniques from her amazing pair of skilled hands. Let me tell you, my experience was indeed heavenly.

As with all facial treatments, the therapist at Hadara (mine was Yvonne) started off by removing my makeup and cleansing my face.
The facial massage started even as she was cleansing my face - no time wasted.

Once the cleanser was gently removed with warm, wet towels, a special essential oil was applied onto my face for Yvonne to work her magic.

The essential oil used in this massage is specially selected and brought in by Hadara - it is a unique concoction of oils that aids in de-stressing and relaxation.

From my forehead to jaw, every part of my face was covered and had toxins manually drained for a good 20-30 minutes. With the soothing scent of the essential oil, it was almost hard for me to capture the images below as my mind was slowly drifting off.

As if a facial massage wasn't enough, a shoulder massage is included in the Hadara Heavenly Acu-Press Massage. I have to put this out there: Of all the shoulder massages I've ever experienced, Yvonne's massage is undoubtedly one of the very best. *big thumbs up*
Yvonne knew exactly where my knots were and kneaded them away skilfully.

When the time was up, Yvonne slowly removed my hair towel and did a quick but much-needed scalp massage for me.

The whole treatment ended off with Yvonne thoroughly removing the remaining oil on my face, and following up with some skincare products from Dermagold - a local skincare brand that is exclusively available at Hadara.
The rare I-don't-care-that-I-have-no-makeup-on kind of blissfulness after a truly relaxing treatment~ Would you just look at the blood flow on my face?

Here is one photo with Yvonne after I had a change of clothes and put on some makeup!
I actually told her, "It's such a pity you're not a masseuse!".


Fancy winning yourself a session of the Hadara Heavenly Acu-Press Massage (worth S$88)? In collaboration with Hadara for their 1st anniversary, I have with me 1 session to give away over on my Instagram! The giveaway post will be up tomorrow, 16 September (Wednesday), at 5:00 PM so remember to keep a lookout! ;) Giveaway will end on 23 September.

My giveaway post is now up on my Instagram - click HERE to take part!

Thank you Hadara for yet another heavenly experience! 


Hadara Aesthetics Boutique is located at 23 Lorong Telok #01-01 Singapore 049035. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited by Hadara Aesthetics Boutique to try out the above service for consideration. The giveaway is generously sponsored by Hadara Aesthetics Boutique. While this post contains factual information from the company itself, thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own. I am not compensated by the company.

With love,

Jolynn Lim
My Beauty Road

"Don't forget to love yourself."

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