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A capricious floral touch: The NEW TOUS Floral Touch fragrance | BEAUTY NEWS

Beauty News

TOUS TOUCH introduces a new fragrance for us girls to to indulge in; a collectors’ limited edition with an ultra-feminine design; a subtle prelude to the aroma inside.

Presenting... TOUS Floral Touch.

Designing TOUS Floral Touch

The design of TOUS Floral Touch continues to remind us of the flowers in the Dune collection. The glass is embraced by a delicate tin laminate, decorated with flowers among which the TOUS signature bear figure appears. 

The same floral motive is incorporated into the fragrance's packaging, signifying a new floral proposal for TOUS’ most sensual fragrance to date.

In 2006, perfumist Sophie LabbĂ© created TOUS TOUCH, a floral fragrance for TOUS inspired by the brand’s Dune jewellery collection - one that has captured the hearts of women from all over the world.

Some years later, keeping in line with the fragrance’s first floral edition in 2013, the French perfumist brings us an updated version with the same floral character yet emphasising its fruity side and adding a musky base. This year, TOUS TOUCH presents its Floral Edition a.k.a TOUS Floral Touch.

Floral fragrances make up perfumery’s largest olfactive group, making originality in the composition a challenge for any perfumist.

There is a wide repertoire of possibilities, from compositions based on just one flower, to legendary symphonies of floral bouquets. Depending on how the essence is extracted, one flower can offer numerous olfactive facets, making the possibilities within the floral family endless. 

Knowing that, one of the main traits of this fragrance family is that the floral accent is always situated at the heart of the olfactive pyramid.

Notes in TOUS Floral Touch

This fragrance contains citrus top notes of mandarin and bergamot complemented with a touch of violet leaf.

  • Top notes: Violet leaves, mandarin, bergamot

The majestic heart is filled with white flowers. The silky sweet aroma of gardenia blends with the intoxicating power of the tuberose, while fresh jasmine - so radiant, tenacious and filled with different olfactive facets - becomes the queen of the composition.

  • Heart notes: Gardenia, jasmine, tuberose

Sandalwood and white musk create a warm base to the fragrance which is rounded out with a delicate fruity hint of nectarine.

  • Base notes: Nectarine, sandalwood, white musk

To sum it up, TOUS Floral Touch is an infusion of vitality created from capricious floral notes.

Price and Availability

TOUS Floral Touch retails at S$59 / 30ml and S$99 / 100ml, of which both are exclusively available for purchase at all SaSa stores from September 2015 (a.k.a. already out in stores!).

My Thoughts

For someone like me who stays away from sweet fragrances, I'm quite surprised I don't actually dislike the scent of this. In fact, sniffing it immediately reminds me of gummy bears! As a gummy lover, smelling like my favourite candy doesn't sound like a bad thing now, does it? ;) I would describe the TOUS Floral Touch as a deliciously-sweet scent, instead of a sickly-sweet one.



Disclaimer: This post is a reproduction of TOUS Floral Touch's press release (sent to me by SaSa Singapore) and is meant for sharing / informational purposes only. However, thoughts and opinions expressed at the end are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am neither affiliated with nor compensated by both companies.

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  1. ​As a collector of perfumes, I think I should give a try to use this perfume along with my Dior perfumes. The Top notes look so amazing. Thanks for sharing.