Thursday, 22 October 2015

2 weeks of radiant, glowing skin... thanks to Dr HAACH's The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment | REVIEW

We have all heard of HAACH, a leading beauty brand for premium spa, face, skin and body care - think luxurious treats to pamper you from head to toe. But HAACH gets even better with Dr HAACH, an extension of the brand with medical doctors in this particular clinic.
In May this year, Dr HAACH launched a new facial treatment called The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment, and I had the honour of giving it a try. Allow me to tell you more about what you will get out of this facial, especially since their website is currently going through a revamp.

Unsurprisingly, Dr HAACH is located at Novena Specialist Center, a building which houses over 40 medical specialists, practitioners and clinics.