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2 weeks of radiant, glowing skin... thanks to Dr HAACH's The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment | REVIEW

We have all heard of HAACH, a leading beauty brand for premium spa, face, skin and body care - think luxurious treats to pamper you from head to toe. But HAACH gets even better with Dr HAACH, an extension of the brand with medical doctors in this particular clinic.
In May this year, Dr HAACH launched a new facial treatment called The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment, and I had the honour of giving it a try. Allow me to tell you more about what you will get out of this facial, especially since their website is currently going through a revamp.

Unsurprisingly, Dr HAACH is located at Novena Specialist Center, a building which houses over 40 medical specialists, practitioners and clinics.

The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment
($288 / 75min)

"This advanced 3-in-1 facial treatment by HAACH® works to exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate the skin."

Upon arrival, I was being led to the consultation room by one of the staff, who also turned out to be my therapist (and a very friendly one at that). She served me a cup of tea and gave me a form to fill up. After which, my therapist briefly explained what she would be doing for me during The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment.

I was then brought to where their rooms are located.

My therapist did a double cleanse to kick-start my treatment.

Here is what I didn't expect: an eyebrow service. She offered to tidy my brows for me, and I gave my full consent - I had been wanting to tidy them myself, but I did not get around to doing so. This unexpected service sure came timely! It wasn't just a quick one, by the way; my therapist spent a good 5 minutes reshaping and trimming my brows.

Step One

Once my brows looked tidier, it was time to get started with The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment.

What I was told about Step One: "The uppermost skin layer is firstly exfoliated to slough away dead skin cells and to prepare skin to receive active nutrients. Using a special infusion probe, active ingredients are infused deep into the inner dermis layers."

I was also shown this during my consultation session:
It tells you more about the machine and the results you can expect

Seems harmless right? I have to be very honest: This machine hurts. It isn't just a regular exfoliating machine, because it felt like a million tiny needles poking through my skin... Okay, I'm exaggerating. But it was as if my face was having pins and needles, the kind you normally get on your feet when you sit on them for too long, but worse. Then again, my pain tolerance is extremely low, so I found it barely bearable especially on my forehead.

However, after I went home and did my own research, I have to say on hindsight that I am officially impressed with this machine called geneO+. Here is a video to understand better.

A specific gel was applied onto my skin for this step, and it is customised according to your skin’s needs – you can either opt for Skin Revitalisation mode or Derma-Brightening mode. The former is more effective on older skin, so I did the latter a.k.a Derma-Brightening mode.
It wasn't too painful here since this part of my face is "fleshy"

But when all is said and done, I give props to the invention of this machine for what it is able to do in a single session (results will be shown in a bit).
Nonetheless, I was thankful when she turned the machine off and proceeded with Step Two.

Step Two

The second part of this unique facial works to oxygenate your skin using a special applicator that “de-gases” the applied CO2 gel to enable optimum penetration of Oxygen molecules into the epidermis.
This step was so relaxing and calming compared to Step One! Look at all the CO2 goodness on my skin.  

Step Three

A (shoulder) massage is typically not mentioned in any facial process as it is common to receive a little face and shoulder massage during your facial. However, Dr HAACH's massage is worth every mention. Probably because of the price of this treatment, you get about 15 minutes worth of shoulder massage. My therapist gives off a very sweet vibe but she was so strong and firm; looks are indeed deceiving! 

A customised treatment masque is then applied and left for absorption. My therapist did a Double Masque for me, which means 2 layers of masques (each with different ingredients and benefits) were applied onto my skin.

Approximately 15 minutes into masque time and my whole facial treatment was thoroughly completed.

Where my tea was served - can we all just take a moment to admire this area of Dr HAACH?

My face was glowing when I stepped out of the treatment room.

Featuring my bare, glowing skin thanks to The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment

And if you think this "glow" only lasted a day or two...

I am happy to report that my skin stayed radiant for 2 whole weeks.

Yes, I was very impressed myself.

Here is a photo to prove, taken exactly 2 weeks after this facial with no change in my usual skincare regime.
An unedited, unfiltered photo of my bare face 2 weeks after Dr HAACH's The Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment (please excuse the unruly at-home hair)

I can guarantee you, my skin was dull-looking before paying Dr HAACH a visit. Just scroll up and refer to the photo I took of my bare skin after my therapist did a double cleanse for me!

2 weeks of having radiant skin made me feel like the discomfort from Step One was all worth it.

After all, "beauty is pain", isn't it?


Dr HAACH is located at 8 Sinaran Drive, Novena Specialist Center, #04-09 Singapore 307470.


Disclaimer: I was kindly invited by Huntington Communications Pte Ltd (PR company representing HAACH) to try out the above service for review. While this post contains factual information from the company itself, thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own. I am neither compensated by nor affiliated with the involved companies.

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