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Hair protection all day, all night: Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk | REVIEW

(FYI, I captured the photos in this post a few months back, which explains my much-longer hair!)

To me, Essential is a Japanese hair care brand that needs no introduction. This is the brand that caught the attention of us girls when they first launched their shampoos, conditioners and hair masques in Singapore (remember the pink and orange bottles?) years ago. 

I remember the old version of their hair oil (called Essential Serum) being pretty popular too. Back when I used to work for Watsons, I would never fail to walk to the hair care aisle, grab the Essential Serum and moisturise my own tresses hehe.

Essential has since re-formulated their hair oil, and the new version is called Essential CC Oil! Their old Treatment Milk (for nighttime use) has also been re-formulated and is now called Essential Night Care Milk.

Will you take a moment to look at these hilarious stress balls?

When someone mentions the word 'stress', our crazy schoolwork or workload usually comes to mind. But how many of us would think of our poor hair strands, who undergo their own version of 'stress' too? Frequent blow-drying, rough combing, hair colouring, hair styling, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle - all these are the reason our tresses suffer from dryness, breakage, split ends etc.

This is when the Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk come to the rescue.

Both products have Cuticle Coat Protection that leaves the hair smooth and tangle-free all day. They also contain Hair Supplement Oil, which is similar to our hair’s natural oil. Now that this has been mentioned, let's get to the individual products.

{ Essential CC Oil }

"Non-greasy and invisibly light, the Essential CC Oil coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection to fight the 5 most common forms of hair stresses. The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle-free all day!"

S$11.90 / 60ml

Apparently, the 'CC' in the name of this product stands for Cuticle Care. Another reason why Essential renamed it as 'CC Oil' is because they were inspired by BB and CC creams in cosmetics. BB / CC creams provide multiple functions and benefits with just one product. Similarly for Essential CC Oil, one bottle protects you from 5 different hair stresses. ...Quite smart of them to have thought of this, huh?

Pump bottle for convenient use

  • Use on towel-dried or damp hair
  • Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
  • Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to the tip of hair
  • Do not rinse off 

My Thoughts:
First off, I love the scent. I have a weakness for floral scents, and my nose approves of this smell. I also like how this oil penetrates into my hair strands pretty quickly - I won't get the greasy feeling on my palms whenever I'm done distributing the oil to my hair. I have another hair oil (from another brand) that I enjoy using as well, but I actually find myself reaching for the Essential CC Oil more, partly because it has a pump while the other brand's hair oil does not. Not only is this oil pleasant-smelling, fast-absorbing and user-friendly, it also keeps my hair straight throughout the day. My hair is naturally straight, but without this hair oil, I'd actually get random waves on my hair ends. This product fixes this issue of mine. See the next 2 photos to know what I mean.
Before Essential CC Oil - random wavy hair ends

After Essential CC Oil - straight and sleek hair

{ Essential Night Care Milk }

"The Essential Night Care Milk protects the hair from 'Pillow Friction', intensively repairs and moisturises the hair in the wee hours of the night. Coupled with cuticle coat protection ingredients, its rich yet non- greasy milk formula weightlessly leaves hair smooth and manageable the next morning!"

S$11.90 /100ml

  • Use on towel-dried or damp hair, or before blow-drying
  • Can also be used on dry hair
  • Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
  • Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip of hair
  • Do not rinse off
  • For better results, ensure that hair is completely dry before going to bed 

My Thoughts:
I am one who believes there is such a thing as 'pillow friction', but I don't bother using a pillowcase made out of silk. I think I tried it once and had a hard time sleeping as the silk material produced a somewhat-scratchy noise which annoyed me - maybe it wasn't 100% silk? I can't remember. But my point is, if you care about your hair enough, and yet do not sleep on a silk pillowcase, at least invest in a leave-on hair treatment for nighttime use. The milk-like consistency of the Essential Night Care Milk is, needless to say, much lighter than that of the Essential CC Oil, penetrates into the hair strands faster and does not require your hair to be wet or damp. I actually wake up to more-manageable hair every time I use this the night before!

{ Final Thoughts }

I like the scent, after-feel and results of both the Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk. With the reasonable prices, I do recommend them if you are currently looking to buy a hair oil and/or milk.


Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were sent to me by Sample Store (representinEssential Singapore) for review. This post does contain information from the brand itself, but thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am neither affiliated with nor compensated by both companies.

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  1. I need a oil for my hair that is not greasy, and cc oil sounds perfect, but I could not find it in the United States, or online. Do you know about international brands?

    1. Hey there! D'you have Organix in the United States? I really recommend their Hydrating Macadamia Oil as well!