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I broke out from my first facial with New York Skin Solutions, and here's how they handled the situation | UPDATE

As I am typing this, I have visited New York Skin Solutions for the 7th time now, and I am honestly happy to report that I have been beyond pleased with their service and professionalism.

Now, here's what happened:

After my 1st session with New York Skin Solutions (I will call it 'NYSS' from now onwards), I suspected that the Collagen Treatment my skin consultant Ada customised for me was breaking me out.

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A few days after my facial, I noticed many small bumps popping out of my face and neck. However, I was not confident that the breakouts were due to the facial because:

1) I was just getting started on a weight-loss programme that required me to cut out sugar and starch from my diet completely, and I have heard of people whose skin reacted adversely because of the detox / sudden change in their diet.

2) My period was coming, and I always break out prior to getting my period.

As such, I did not want to jump into any conclusion. A few days after my 2nd session with NYSS though, I noticed the same small bumps emerging on the same areas of my face and neck.

I immediately raised my concerns with Ada, and she didn't even look worried. 

Ada took a closer look at my skin when I went back for my 2nd appointment, and told me she would reduce the amount of collagen in my facial treatment as my skin is generally prone to breaking out when it ingests too much hydration at one go - a common skin reaction for many people. Ada also changed the first layer of my Double Mask from Honey Mask to Chamomile Mask so as to further soothe my skin and not moisturise it further. She even added on a special serum that came in a little red capsule - to desensitise sensitive skin - into my facial regime.

The change was heaven-sent, because my skin has not broken out since then, and it has instead been staying clear and radiant!

There was no doubt that I freaked out when I saw all the small bumps on my face and neck (I mean, who wouldn't?), but boy am I glad I went through that on hindsight, because it showed me how professional NYSS handled a "bad" situation! It also proves how the company has what it takes to be the solution to your skin woes, as it had/has been to mine.

So there you have it, a truthful update about my experience with NYSS! I'm very grateful that my sensitive skin has been under their care for the past 2 months. In a blink of an eye, I only have 3 more sessions left...

An unedited and unfiltered photo of my bare skin as of today

If you too care about your skin and are curious about how NYSS will work for you, my link to a free Hydrocollagen Skin Treatment (worth S$300) should still be working - And if Ada happens to be the one serving you, tell her I said hi :D She's amazing (as a consultant and as a person) and I bet you'll love her too!


Disclaimer: I have been generously sponsored 10 facial treatments by New York Skin Solutions in exchange for a blog review. While this post contains factual information from the company itself, thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own. I am neither compensated by nor affiliated with the company.

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