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The resurrection of my non-existent eyebrows at The Best Beauty Centre | REVIEW

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Put your hands up if the above status applies to you as well. I chanced upon this funny "quote" while browsing through my Instagram feed and I thought, how true is this? For someone like me who is not blessed in the brow department, I spend the longest time drawing my eyebrows and trying to perfect them; it is a satisfying but troublesome daily affair. Having my "eyebrows on fleek" is addictive, and I have never left the house without a pair of eyebrows I'm satisfied with - at least not in years. This addiction is unfortunately very time-consuming... until I visited The Best Beauty Centre, where my non-existent eyebrows got resurrected in style.

The Best Beauty Centre @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Tell me, how gorgeous is this outlet?? Now you know why I said my eyebrows got resurrected "in style".

{ About The Best Beauty Centre }
"The Best Beauty is your complete beauty therapy centre offering you specialist beauty treatments in a tranquil and private haven. You will enjoy our face, body and eyebrow embroidery carried out by highly qualified, experienced beauticians. We aims to provide each client with exceptional, professional service intended to relax, energise and revitalise you, your skin and your body."

I was served a warm cup of chrysanthemum tea while waiting for Cyndia, CEO of The Best Beauty Centre, to come over and discuss what the team could do for my eyebrows. The moment she reached, I was being led to one of their posh-looking consultation rooms.

Once we got seated, Cyndia took their menu folder out and showed me the different eyebrow embroidery services that The Best Beauty Centre offers.
1st Generation to 6th Generation eyebrow embroidery

Here's what you need to know about the different generations of eyebrow embroidery and why the prices increase as the embroidery gets more advanced:

1st Generation eyebrow embroidery is equivalent to getting a tattoo - it's basically what you see on many elderly women as this was the only type of eyebrow embroidery that existed in the 60's and 70's. 2nd Generation is similar, except it uses the colour of plant extracts. Then about a few years back, 3rd Generation eyebrow embroidery (single-layered lines) gained popularity as this method mimics the eyebrow hair, enabling the embroidery to look more realistic. As the world advances, so have the techniques of eyebrow embroidery. 4th Generation (double-layered) came about soon after, followed by 5th Generation (two-needle machine).

Needless to say, the 6th Generation (three-needle machine) eyebrow embroidery provides even slender lines and looks the most realistic.
Growth factor is also included in 6th Generation to aid in the growth of your natural eyebrow hair

As my pathetic eyebrows needed much saving, the team decided to do the 6th Generation eyebrow embroidery for me since it would look the most realistic. For someone who has very little eyebrows since young, I was beyond curious to see how I'd look like with nice "hairy" brows!

{ 6th Generation Eyebrow Embroidery }

The first step was 3D Eyebrow Design.
Tools used to design my eyebrows before getting started on the embroidery

A "before" picture of how my eyebrows looked like

A closer look - yes there is hair so it's not totally non-existent, but still...

Before Cyndia started the 3D Eyebrow Design, she had a chat with me to find out my preferred brow shape. As someone who has drawn her own eyebrows for years, I have a very clear image of my ideal eyebrow design. I even spent extra time in my makeup routine that day by making sure I drew on my preferred brow shape, just so that my beautician would have an idea of what design I wanted!

Cyndia doing the 3D Eyebrow Design on me

Even the drawing itself looked so real!

Once Cyndia was done with the design, she explained to me the "eyebrow rules".
Where the eyebrows should start

Where the tail should end

How the start and end should match horizontally

Cyndia was extremely meticulous and kept taking photos to make sure that my eyebrows were symmetrical. Nobody wants uneven eyebrows!

Once Cyndia and I were satisfied with the eyebrow design, it was time to get started with the embroidery! A numbing cream was first applied onto my eyebrows so that the embroidery procedure wouldn't hurt (as much).
While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect

After 20 minutes of wait, Emma, one of the friendly eyebrow specialists at The Best Beauty Centre, called me into one of the rooms to get started with my embroidery!
Tools used for the embroidery

Numbing cream was patted off with tissue paper

Getting started with the embroidery!

The embroidery procedure did not take long - I didn't manage to check the time but it felt like 20 minutes. I started to feel pain halfway through the procedure, so Emma applied the numbing cream on my eyebrows again.

I've got very thin and sensitive skin, so I would be lying if I said I didn't feel any pain. Even after the numbing cream was applied onto my brows for the second time, I still felt some discomfort because I could feel that my brows were a little swollen. It was, however, definitely bearable. (FYI: My pain tolerance is also extremely low... So if it's bearable for me, it's all the more bearable for anyone else!)

A machine was used to enhance the embroidery's durability (only for 6th Generation)

{ Results }

Ta-dahhh! Apart from the redness and slight swelling thanks to my sensitive skin, don't you think my eyebrows look so realistic??

I went to meet a friend later on at night (thankfully, my skin was no longer red then), and she actually thought they were real hair!

I immediately look extra polished, don't I?

I had to apply this waxy cream 4 times a day for the first week to speed up my skin's healing process

One week later:
Pardon my swollen face here as I had just gotten my wisdom tooth extracted, but look at how natural my eyebrows looked after a week!

The result at one week is basically the final look of my eyebrow embroidery - this is how my eyebrows will look like for a good number of months! The ink and lines will gradually fade away for the next 2 to 3 years, albeit very naturally.

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Disclaimer: I have been invited by GetKlarity to try out The Best Beauty Centre's service for a sponsored review. While this is a paid engagement, thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own and based on my personal experience. I am not affiliated with The Best Beauty Centre.

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