Saturday, 22 October 2016

Move aside collagen, it's time for stem cells to be in the limelight! Introducing AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink | REVIEW

We all know of collagen beauty drinks since they were out in the market way back. Boy, were they a hit in the beauty market. I, on the other hand, was never one of those who went crazy over collagen intake - let's just say I did my research instead of following the hype.

Recently, however, AVALON decides to come up with the first ever all-in-one Orchid Stem Cell Beauty Drink. I may have been off the "beauty blogger" radar for sometime now, but the beauty enthusiast in me was thoroughly intrigued with this particular ingredient, so much so that I did not hesitate to say yes when I was asked if I wanted to review this new beauty beverage.

{ AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink }

Monday, 18 January 2016

I use horse shampoo for my hair | Mane 'n Tail REVIEW

For a few years now, there is one haircare brand that I have been extremely curious about.

That's right. It's Mane 'n Tail. The legendary horse shampoo that can be used on human hair as well. A few years ago, I stumbled across a YouTube video of this American girl who claimed that Mane 'n Tail actually helped her to achieve longer and thicker hair like no other shampoos. That's a big statement, isn't it? My interest was piqued, so I went on to watch similar review videos of Mane 'n Tail.

I heard nothing but good things about this brand, with many girls on YouTube claiming that their hair has been growing in length and increasing in volume ever since they started using Mane 'n Tail.

As curious as I was about this shampoo, I seemed to have forgotten all about it. You can only imagine my excitement when I recently got offered to do a review of Mane 'n Tail!

Mane 'n Tail has a total of 5 formulas for sale in Singapore, namely Original, Deep Moisturizing, Herbal-Gro, Gentle Clarifying & Replenishing and Anti-dandruff. I will only be talking about the first 3 formulas.